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Commercial waste and recycling charges

These charges are for container hire and a weekly collections. If you need more than one collection a week contact us for a quote.

Commercial waste and recycling charges - 2021/22 (all collections are once weekly)
Container Residual rubbish (£/year)* Recycling (£/year)*
240 litre wheeled bin £460 £294
360 litre wheeled bin £596 £325
660** or 770 litre wheeled bin £1,034 £522
940 litre Chamberlain bin £1,279 n/a
1100 litre wheeled bin £1,391 £663
Bulk container (1.25 cu yard)** £1,279 n/a
Igloo (1600 litres, paper/card only) n/a £683
Igloo (3200 litres, paper/card only) n/a £1,311
Mechanically compacted loads +30% n/a
Sunday collections Plus 25% on annual cost n/a

*All prices are VAT exempt.

**This service has been discontinued except for existing contracts

Buy extra sacks

Prices for 2021/22
Type of sack Pack quantity Price*
Waste 54 £239
Recycling 54 £156

*All prices are VAT exempt

You can order as many sacks as you wish, just let us know on the form how many you expect to put out for collection each week. If this changes significantly, contact us so we can adjust your contract. No refunds are available for unused sacks.

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If your business is unable to use a debit or credit card please email

Waste transfer notes and Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes.

Annually, under the Duty of Care, all customers are required to send us a signed Controlled Waste Transfer Note (CWTN). The Council is unable to collect waste or recycling without a valid CWTN. Customers are required to keep a copy of their CWTN for 2 years.

On the Controlled Waste Transfer Note it will ask for Standard Industry Classification code (SIC code) which describes what sort of business you are. It is a 5 digit number and can be found on the Companies House website.

New customers

For new customers, or to get a quote for multiple collections email

Additional services

  • One-off collections - priced case by case (minimum charge £129 or £69 for existing customers)
  • Events collections - priced case by case
  • Charity shops (refuse/recycling container hire and collection - one free collection per year, commercial charges apply thereafter

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If you have a general query about this service, contact us online.

Updated: 24 June 2021