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Summary of terms and conditions

  1. In order to participate contract holders must only use Richmond-provided garden recycling bins.
  2. In order for collections to take place contract holders must present their bin on the allotted day and by the stated time.
  3. A sticker acting as proof of subscription will be sent to customers when they renew. Failure to display this sticker on their garden recycling bin and in the correct position may result in the withdrawal of the bin emptying service.
  4. This scheme has a non-refundable fee covering container emptying for the period specified at the start of the contract ending the following 31 March.
  5. During participation in the scheme the garden recycling bin is to be used only for the storage of green garden waste as described in the information sheet. Contamination of the waste by materials other than those specified as acceptable may result in the withdrawal of the bin emptying service.
  6. The customer is the owner of the recycling bin and is responsible for maintenance of the bin in a serviceable condition. The council is not responsible for any loss or damage (other than through the negligence of the servants or agents of the Council).
  7. The contract holder is responsible for and shall indemnify the Council and hold the Council harmless against damages, accidents, expenses, claims, demands and direct and indirect losses of any kind which may occur or be occasioned by or in consequence of the participation in this scheme and are not due to any act or default of the services or agents of the Council.
  8. Moving House:
    Taking the bin to your new address: Garden Recycling containers are not the property of the council and can be moved without permission or prior notice. Failure to notify us of an address change to a collection subscription may result in the failure of emptying service. Leaving the bin at the old address: Garden Recycling containers are not the property of the council. Subscription to the emptying service will continue until the following 31 March. New occupiers can subscribe to the service online or by calling 020 8891 1411.

Note: When moving house no refunds will be given for incorrect charging incurred via Direct Debit or other forms of payment due to failure to inform the Council of your move.

Full Terms and Conditions(pdf, 140KB)

Updated: 31 August 2021