Using your food waste containers

Each house should have a small (5 litre) food waste caddy for the kitchen plus a larger (25 litre) food waste storage box for collection by the Council.

We can't collect food waste boxes which contain non-biodegradable waste. All food packaging must be removed and, if you wish to line your caddy, please use compostable starch liners (see below) not ordinary plastic bags.

Order a food waste container

Food waste caddy (5 litre)

Please use this caddy to store all your solid food waste. Most residents choose to keep the caddy in their kitchen. You can empty the caddy into your larger food waste storage box whenever and as often as you like, but it makes sense to do so shortly before your food waste collection is due.

You don't have to use the caddy to recycle your food waste - you can store your food waste in any container of your choice. However, all food waste collection must be decanted into the larger food waste box we provide prior to collection.

Food waste storage box (25 litre)

This box is intended to be kept outside. Please present it for collection in a visible position at the front of your property by 6am on collection day. This should be within your front garden if you have one. If your front door opens directly onto the street, please place your food waste box on the pavement adjacent to the entrance.

The food waste storage boxes have lockable lids to deter scavenging animals. The box is locked when the handle is standing up in the carrying position. When the handle is down you can open the lid. Please leave the handle upright when leaving it outside.

Always put food waste out for collection in the large storage box because this has a securable lid to protect it from animals.

Keeping your food waste containers clean and reducing odours

  • Only recycle solid food waste, not liquids
  • Store containers out of direct sunlight
  • Rinse out after emptying
  • Store the outdoor food container in the locked position to reduce vermin access
  • Use suitable liners (see below)

Using liners

Recycling your food waste without using a liner maximises the environmental benefits as it avoids the impacts associated with liner production and helps ensure that only food waste gets processed.

However, you can use liners to help keep your containers clean and odour free. If you do, we recommend using biodegradable starch liners but you can use old newspaper or paper bags if you prefer.

Do not place any other type of liner in your food waste box for collection as it will contaminate the food waste recycling process.

Compostable starch liners

These liners are made of corn or potato starch. They resemble a plastic bag but will biodegrade completely in as few as 30 days in a controlled commercial process.

We only supply biodegradable liners as part of a trial food waste recycling service for selected flats, but they can be purchased at most local supermarkets. When purchasing liners, ensure they are marked as conforming to composting standard EN13432. Liners that conform to this standard should display the logo below.

Composting standard EN13432 logo

Suitable starch bags are usually marketed as compostable. Please be aware that some bags sold as biodegradable may not be made of starch, be compostable or compost fast enough. These will not be marked with the EN13432 standard.

Using old newspaper or paper bags

Either line the container with a sheet of newspaper/paper bag or wrap the food waste in a sheet of newspaper/paper bag and place this in your food waste storage box. This helps to keep the box clean and the newspaper will be composted with the food waste.

Paper bag liners must be uncoated/unlined and without a clear plastic strip.

Do not place any of the following in your food waste box

  • Standard plastic bags
  • Biodegradable bags not displaying the logo shown above
  • Foil or cling film
  • Kitchen roll
  • Garden waste
  • Anything else that isn't food waste

Updated: 28 April 2020