Using the food waste boxes and liners

Each household can request two boxes clearly labelled for food waste.

We are not able to collect food waste which is contaminated with non-food waste . Please do not use plastic bags to line your boxes. Compostable alternatives are available.

Larger storage box (25 litre)

This is the box that the crew will collect from. This should be kept outside and put out on your collection day.

It has a lockable lid for protection against pests. The box is locked when the handle is standing up in the carrying position. When the handle is down you can open the lid.

Always put food waste out for collection in the large storage box because this has a securable lid to protect it from animals.

Small kitchen box (5 litre)

This box is intended to be kept in your home. This can conveniently store and transfer food waste from the home into the larger storage box.

In your home, separate all of your food waste from any other waste such as plastics and packaging and put the food waste into the small kitchen box. This should be emptied into the larger storage box for collection. If you use liners for the kitchen box, there is no need to line your larger box.

You don't have to use the kitchen box provided by us. You can store the material in whatever you want in the kitchen as long as when you transfer the material to the large storage box for collection there is no contamination (i.e. plastic bags, glass etc).

Keeping your box clean and reducing smell

  • Try not to put fluid in with the food.
  • Store the box out of direct sunlight.
  • Try lining the box. This can make the storage and transfer of waste food tidier and more convenient and can help control flies in the summer.

Using liners

You do not have to use liners in your food waste boxes. If you wish to do so you can choose between two kinds of liner, as follows:using newspaper, paper bags or compostable starch liners.

Newspaper or paper bags as a degradable liner

Newspaper can be used as a compostable liner or wrapper. Either line your kitchen box with one sheet of newspaper or wrap your food in a sheet of newspaper and place in your storage box. This helps to keep the box cleaner and the newspaper will be composted with the food waste.

Uncoated or unlined paper bags can be used as compostable liners for boxes.

Compostable starch liners

These liners are made of corn or potato starch. They resemble a plastic bag but will compost completely within 30 days in a commercial compost/digestion process.

When purchasing liners, ensure they are marked as conforming to composting standard EN13432. Liners that conform to this standard should display the logo below.

Composting standard EN13432 logo

Suitable starch bags are usually marketed as compostable. Please be aware that some bags sold as biodegradable may not be made of starch, be compostable or compost fast enough. These will not be marked with the EN13432 standard.

Do not use plastic bags to line your box as they are not compostable.

Find further information about recycling your food waste.

Updated: 26 September 2018