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Framework for Prevention 2021 to 2025

The refreshed Prevention Framework 2021-2025 promotes the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames’ Council as a public health organisation.

About the prevention framework

At the Prevention Framework centre is embedding prevention in all portfolios, policies, and work areas at three interconnecting levels within the borough - people, the community, and the environment to promote positive health and wellbeing and to address health inequalities.

The key objectives of the Prevention Framework are to:

  1. Deliver an evidence-based approach to prevention to support the wider Council to strengthen delivery of prevention through its work, 
  2. Facilitate making the healthy choice, the easy choice,
  3. Support a tailored approach to prevention, 
  4. Connect with policies and initiatives to enable prevention work to be sustainable, and
  5. Create supportive communities and health-promoting environments.

The refreshed Prevention Framework builds on the learning and work done under the previous framework which ended in 2018. The refresh was developed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and a shift to an Integrated Care System across the NHS, local authorities, voluntary sector and community partners locally. This shift significantly elevated prevention of ill-health and reducing health inequalities as key priorities across the health and care sector and encompasses action on wider determinants.

It outlines the principles, delivery mechanisms and metrics of how we can achieve this.

Download the framework

Updated: 27 September 2022

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