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This new Corporate Plan presents our priorities for residents for the period from September 2022 through to March 2026, with an emphasis on things that we will deliver over the next year. It also outlines how we will take these forward and explains how we will measure our progress.

We will refresh the plan each year, which will highlight the progress we have made, our performance, as well as take account of any new or emerging priorities.

Author Policy and Review
Published November 2022


Our Corporate Plan for 2022-26 has now been published, and is available to download below. This sets out how we plan to become an engaging, open and innovative Council - one that has better local schools, is safer and greener, one that is fair and more affordable for all. The plan is built around the following objectives


This plan prioritises the issues that residents have told us matter to them. There are four overarching objectives:

Making Richmond green

  • Campaign and advocate for action on the climate emergency
  • Enhance our natural environment and protect against flooding
  • Council operations to be carbon neutral by 2030 – reduce waste, increase recycling, and continue to improve energy efficiency

Making Richmond safe

  • Confront crime and ASB
  • Be the safest London borough

Making Richmond fair

  • Bounce back from the pandemic
  • Fairer, more accessible, and more inclusive
  • Help young people get a great start in life
  • Look after those who need our help
  • Get active, run events, have fun
  • Invest in the Borough

How we work

  • Make it easier to communicate with the Council and have your say
  • Run the Council efficiently

Corporate Plan 2022-2026

Download the Plan

Updated: 18 September 2023

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