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Community BlueScapes - Climate change and flooding

Is the area ready to cope with the effects of climate change?

In 2022 the whole country experienced record-breaking temperatures. And in the summer of 2021 Barnes experienced floods that would be predicted to only happen once in 100 years. Residents' lives were impacted and both homes and infrastructure were flooded.

Extreme weather events like high temperatures and flooding will get worse and more frequent as the climate changes.

Flooding in the area

Most flooding in the area is caused by surface water. Surface water flooding is when there is too much rain for the drains and the streets fill with water.

Other flood risks come from:

  • The brook
  • The tides
  • Overwhelmed sewers
  • Rising groundwater

Who is responsible?

Richmond and Wandsworth Councils are the Lead Local Flood Authorities. Richmond Council is responsible for managing surface water and groundwater flooding risk in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames. Wandsworth Council is responsible for the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Water companies are responsible for the large sewers outside of your property boundary, for example under the road or footpath.
The Environment Agency is responsible for managing flood risk from the Thames and the brook.

Home and property owners have a responsibility to take steps to help protect their property.

Updated: 28 March 2024

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