Short-term rehabilitation support

If your needs change in a way that means you're suddenly unable to cope, or you need help for the first time after a period of being unwell or an accident, you may be able to get some support to get you back on your feet.

When you might need support

Short-term rehabilitation support may last a few days up to a few weeks and can help if you:

  • Would like to regain the confidence and skills to live an independent life
  • Need support to remain in your own home
  • Have been in hospital or a care home and are now returning home

If you are eligible for short-term support, the Response and Rehabilitation team will visit you at home to discuss your situation, what help you need and what you want to be able to get back to doing. If you have been in hospital, they will work with you and your family to plan for your discharge back home.

You will have one key contact throughout the duration of the service. They will work with you to develop a short-term plan that meets your needs in the best possible way. They may bring also involve other health and social care professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, general and mental health nurses, social workers and therapy assistants to work with you and your family.

What help is available in an emergency

The Response and Rehabilitation team is available seven days a week and works closely with local GPs and other community services. They can help if you are at risk, going into hospital or need urgent help in a crisis.

If you need help urgently and your GP or another health professional has made a referral to the team, somebody will respond within two hours to make sure you are safe.

What happens afterwards

As you become more independent, the support you receive will be adjusted over time. Usually, this means that your support will reduce gradually until you are back to being as independent as possible.

Most people will not need any further help after their short-term support has finished. If you still need ongoing care and support after your short-term rehabilitation support, you will most likely have to contribute towards the cost.

More about paying for care and support


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Updated: 07 February 2020