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Telecare is a 24-hour monitoring system that can help you stay safe in your own home.

About Telecare

Telecare equipment is linked to an alarm unit which, when activated, automatically generates an alarm call to a monitoring centre so that an emergency response can be raised whatever the time of day.

To have a Careline telephone and an emergency alarm, you need to have a telephone landline and a nearby electrical socket. The unit has an in-built microphone and a powerful loud speaker so that you can be heard from a distance.

Once you’ve pressed your emergency button, your personal code is instantly recognised by the Careline control centre's computer and a two-way speech link is set up with the centre. Careline will respond to emergencies within minutes by arranging help from family or friends, your GP or emergency services.

Telecare can also provide other sensors to give early warning of natural gas, smoke, extreme heat, flood, a fall or whether someone has left the property or managed to get in or out of bed safely.


How to get help

If you think you or a family member or friend may benefit from Telecare, we always recommend you speak to us, no matter what your circumstances. If you are assessed as needing Telecare to make your day-to-day living easier, you will be able to have the sensors installed free of charge.

However, you will need to cover the cost to buy or rent a Careline base unit yourself. You will also need to pay for the 24-hour answering service.

How much it costs

The charges will be explained to you in detail before you sign up. The current charge is £51.48 per quarter for the rental of an alarm unit and monitoring by our dedicated team.


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Updated: 10 June 2022

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