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There are several key development areas in the Borough, with investment opportunities in key locations.

Office floor space

The borough provides a large number of small units – 95% of the 5,690 units employ 10 people or less. This makes Richmond upon Thames a great place to develop your business.

379,000 square metres of office space (B1) is available in the Borough. Rental ranges are generally between £10 and £39 per square feet, per annum.

Niche property developers are developing new sites and renovating old buildings to attract creative business. The units that are provided are small in scale, often offer multiple use potential e.g. office, studio and retail space combined, have flexible lease conditions and, perhaps most importantly, provide communal space where entrepreneurs can meet and network.

Prime office locations include:

  • Regal House, Premier House and Bridge House in Twickenham
  • Heron Square, Premier House, Bridge House, Eton House, Spencer House and Paradise Road in Richmond
  • Diamond House, Avalon House, London House and Forsyth House in Lower Richmond Rd in Richmond
  • 1 Church Road and a recently-opened development at One Eton Street in Richmond
  • A range of serviced offices including Regus in Richmond and MWB in Twickenham and Richmond.
  • Harlequin House in Teddington
  • Marina Place in Hampton Wick
  • Castle Business Village is a prestigious office development situated in Hampton Hill

Industrial floor space

293,000 square metres of industrial floor space (B2 and B8) available in the Borough.

Average rental prices range from £7 to £9.50 per square foot, per annum.

Business parks

There are also a number of key industrial and business parks in the Borough:

  • St Clare Business Park in Hampton Hill
  • Port Hampton, Mount Mews, Kingsway Business Park, Hampton Business Centre, Castle Business Village and Kempton Gate Business Centre in Hampton
  • Lower Richmond Road/Market Road in Richmond
  • Heathlands Industrial Estate in Twickenham
  • Teddington Business Park
  • Mortlake Business Centre

Platts Eyot Island has lots of economic viability and listed buildings are encouraged. Business or industrial developments that preserve the areas’ character are encouraged as are those for leisure and residential purposes.

There is an excellent trading estate at Kempton Gate Business Centre which offers 70,685 sq ft of industrial floor space.

Where to find out more

Visit the commercial premises page to find out more facts about the different areas of the borough. Or visit the  local traders’ organisations page for local contact details.

To find out about other support for your business around the borough visit our Richmond Business Hub.

Updated: 17 July 2024

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