Approved Traders Scheme

It can be very difficult for consumers to select an honest trader who will provide a good reliable service for a reasonable price. Can you be sure they will do a good job? Can you be sure there's an effective independent complaints resolution procedure if you do end up in dispute? We hear so much about rogue traders that making a good selection in the first place is absolutely vital.

How should you make that selection?

  1. On no account should you engage someone who has knocked on your door telling you that you need some work to be carried out or offering services at what seems low prices. It's very likely they will do a very poor job and also likely that the work will not have been needed in the first place. They may also ignore any agreed price and try to extort money from you using threats.
  2. If you know of a trader who has carried out work for you before and you have been pleased with their work, then that trader may be a safe and sensible option.
  3. You could ask friends, family and neighbours if they can recommend someone.
  4. Alternatively you could use a trader who is part of an Approved Trader Scheme. These are traders who have been vetted and have shown that they have the skill to carry out the job and are continuously monitored by either their local Trading Standards Service or by government approved scheme operators who run the schemes.

There are two excellent schemes which operate, either of which Richmond Trading Standards recommend you use when selecting traders.

Updated: 07 February 2020