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Apply for the Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund (EYSIF)

Across Achieving for Children, the EYSIF replaces previous funding available to early years settings in Kingston and Richmond. We will also accept applications for some 2 year olds with SEN who are accessing their early educational entitlement.

Applications - spring term 2022

Applications for spring 2022 are now closed.

About the funding

Early Education and Childcare Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities placed a requirement on Local Authorities to establish an Early Years Inclusion Fund to support 3 and 4 year olds with emerging or lower level Special Educational Needs (SEN) or disabilities.

Funding is designed to support settings working with children in the short term as part of a cycle of targeted support and coordinated intervention. Applications must evidence a graduated response of assessment, plan, do and review. Targeted interventions must be implemented with full consent of parents and on-going co-production.

We anticipate that where interventions are effective that funding for two or three terms should be sufficient for most children to make progress, for some children with complex on-going needs settings should consider making a request for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Funding for 'one to one' support is not available and settings should not make staffing decisions made on assumptions on or the possibility of funding.

Settings are required to make termly applications, per child. Applications will be considered by a panel consisting of member of the EY Service, SEN team and the Educational Psychology Service (EPS). Please remember that applications are for support for the following term.

Before you start

The EYSIF replaces all previous inclusion funding in Kingston and Richmond boroughs. The remit, scope, application process and panel are different. There is no 'equivalence' to previous funding allocations and comparisons cannot be drawn.

Please ensure you have considered the following points before beginning the application:

  • Have you sought advice from your Inclusion and Improvement Adviser, or SENCo if you are a school?
  • Have you received parental consent prior to making this application? You will be required to upload this at the start of your application
  • Are you able to evidence the assess, plan, do and review process in practice?
  • Have you reviewed at least one Individual Targeted Plan (ITP)?
  • Is there evidence that the setting SENCo has supported the application?
  • Have you got all recent professional reports ready to upload?
  • Has the setting manager reviewed the information on this form? They need to agree that all information is accurate as applications are subject to audit

Please do not proceed until you have gathered the necessary evidence.

Uploading documents

The form will require you to upload several documents to support your application.

Check document size

Please note that the size of each document must not exceed 1MB. Please check the size of documents (particularly scans) before you attach them.

Failure to do so could result in your application not going through correctly, and the process being delayed.


You must include a signed copy of the parental consent form (pdf, 452 KB) with the application.

Updated: 09 November 2021