Building Regulations - neighbour considerations

Some common questions you may have about Building Regulations, planning and neighbours.

Do the Building Regulations require me to tell my neighbours that I intend to carry out building work?

No, however, dependant upon the position of the boundary to your land, the building work you intend to carry out as it relates to the boundary of your land, and the position of your neighbours’ buildings, you may need to inform all relevant neighbours. Details of when and where you must notify your neighbours are found in the Party Wall Act 1996.

Does the Council have to notify my neighbours that I have made a Building Regulation application?


Can my neighbours object to the proposed building work shown on my Building Regulation application?

No, but objections may be made under other legislation - for example if Planning Permission is required for the proposed building work.

Do my neighbours have the right to inspect the plans deposited as part of my Building Regulation application?

No, but if you have also made an application for Planning Permission, those details are available for inspection by other people.

There is no legal requirement for you to consult your neighbours, but you should consider to do so out of courtesy. This can often prevent future disagreements between both parties.

Other things to consider

  • Have you shown a copy of your plans to your neighbours?
  • Have you discussed your proposals with your neighbours?
  • Do you need to serve a notice on your neighbours where required by the Party Wall Act 1996?
  • Do you have the right to connect to your neighbour's property?
  • Will any part of your building encroach over your neighbour's land?
  • Do you intend to connect your drains to your neighbour’s inspection chamber?
  • What about access for maintenance and cleaning?
  • The proximity of opening windows, vents, outlets and flues to the boundary or adjacent buildings.
  • Do you intend to carry out work during unsociable hours?

This list is a general guide to help you avoid disagreements between you and your neighbours. We do not have the legal powers to settle any dispute between neighbours.

Updated: 17 June 2016