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Graffiti removal

We are committed to reducing and removing graffiti. Graffiti is a criminal offence; if you are a victim of graffiti or witness an act of graffiti please report it to the police.

Our Street Scene Enforcement Team work closely with the police to share information about graffiti offenders.

Report Graffiti

What we will do

We will remove graffiti from private properties and from small businesses (less than nine staff nationally) free of charge, and from large businesses (more than nine staff nationally) on request for an annual fee of £149 or a one off removal fee. We remove graffiti where we have permission (as long as it is accessible and not higher than three metres) within five working days, or within one working day of notification if it is racist or offensive.

We make every effort to prosecute caught offenders, and to prosecute any shop owner selling aerosol spray cans to underage children. Graffiti is removed using either a high pressure machine which uses specialised chemicals or paint.

What we ask of you

You should first report any graffiti to the police. You should then contact us about removing the graffiti and tell us any more details (for example name or description of offender).

You can contact us by:

Removing graffiti from private property

We cannot remove graffiti from any private property without first having received the appropriate graffiti removal request form.

Download the appropriate form and return to the address given in the form.

Graffiti enforcement

We work with local residents and businesses to help with graffiti removal. However in some cases, we may need to take enforcement action to ensure graffiti is removed.

If graffiti is not removed despite our offer of assistance, we may serve a legal notice to the owner/occupier of the property, to remove the graffiti within a set time period. If the graffiti is not removed within this time we will remove it and recover the costs from the owner/occupier.

Graffiti prevention

There are simple steps you can take to try to reduce the chance of graffiti on your property.

Updated: 01 April 2022

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