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If anyone over 18 years old (apart from a partner) lives with you and does not reply on you for financial support, they are referred to as a 'non-dependant'. Living with a non-dependant can affect your benefits.

Who counts as a non-dependant?

Non-dependants are people who share your accommodation but are not dependent on you for financial help. They could include grown-up sons or daughters and elderly relatives.

Boarders, sub-tenants and joint tenants are not non-dependants.

Can non-dependants claim Housing Benefit?

No. Non-dependants cannot claim Housing Benefit for any payments they make to you.

How do non-dependants affect my benefits?

Depending on their circumstances and income, you may have some money deducted. Any deductions are not related to what the non-dependant pays to you. They are fixed sums based on the non-dependant's gross weekly income, and are made even if he or she does not actually give you any money to make up for the reduction.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. No deductions are made if you or your partner is:

  • Registered Blind
  • Receiving Attendance Allowance
  • Receiving the care component of Disability Living Allowance (at any rate)

No deductions are made if the non-dependant is:

  • Receiving Pension Credit
  • Aged under 18
  • Aged under 25 and on Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based)
  • Aged under 25 and in the assessment phase (first 13 weeks) of Employment Support Allowance (income related)
  • A prisoner
  • A student (There is a deduction in the summer vacation if they take up paid employment)
  • Has been in hospital for 52 weeks or more

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Updated: 14 September 2020

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