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People's Network computers and Wi-Fi

As part of the People's Network we have computers available for free public use in all of our libraries.

Equipment and software

All computers have Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access), image-editing programmes and web browsers.

All PCs have multiple USB ports and every library has a scanner.

Accessibility equipment

Accessibility equipment and software are available at each library:

  • SuperNova Reader Magnifier is a screen magnifier, which provides visual highlighting and natural voices for reading documents. It is ideal for people with partial or fluctuating sight who require optional speech to read longer documents
  • The following devices are also available for use with any PC:
    • Headphones
    • Trackball mice, which may help you if you have mobility issues
    • Upper case keyboards, which may help you if you have some sight loss
    • Lower case keyboards, which may be helpful if you are not yet familiar with the upper case keyboard

Logging in

Library members can log in to any of the public computers in Richmond Borough libraries by using their Richmond Card and their 4-digit PIN.

If you are not yet a library member you can still use a PC but you will need to speak to a member of staff about obtaining temporary membership.

Sessions and usage allowance

Sessions are two hours in length unless a later booking precludes a session of this length. The total daily usage allowance is three hours.

Extending your session

10 minutes before your session is about to end, the system will automatically offer you the option to extend the session. If you accept the extension, the system will extend the session for 30 minutes from the scheduled end of the session, or less if there is a subsequent booking.

The system will continue to offer you extensions of 30 minutes to your session, up to your daily 3-hour limit, or a subsequent booking.

As the system will be offering extensions 10 minutes before a session ends, the first warning alert of a session ending will now appear five minutes prior to the end of the session. The second warning at two minutes before the end remains unchanged

Wi-Fi network

Free filtered Wi-Fi is available in all Richmond upon Thames libraries. Just ask for the password when next you visit a library.

Our Children’s Wi-Fi network is open to anyone with a London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Unified Sign On (USO). USOs are issued by individual schools on the LGfL network to their pupils, staff, parents and governors. Using a USO in our libraries will pick up the filtering in use by the home institution.

Conditions of use

On first accessing a library computer, you will be asked to confirm that you have read this guide and that you agree:

  • To follow the Internet policy guidelines
  • To not to use the email facility for malicious purposes
  • Not to interfere in any way with the hardware, software or general operation of the PC
  • To stop any activity if requested to do so by a member of staff

Internet policy guidelines

Access to the World Wide Web is available free of charge at all libraries in the borough. Library staff will help you to get started and may be able to offer advice. However, we are unable to offer formal training sessions or individual tuition.

Acceptable use of internet facilities

On first accessing the Internet on a library terminal, you will be asked to confirm that you have read this guide and that you agree to abide by it. In doing so, you agree that you will not access any material which:

  • Is obscene, racist, defamatory or illegal
  • Causes harassment or gross offence to others
  • Would be a breach of copyright

In addition, you are agreeing that you will not interfere in any way with the hardware, software or general operation of the PC. Any user must stop any activity if requested to do so by a member of staff.

Young people and under 18s

In children’s libraries we provide filtered access and recommend high quality web sites.

Acceptable practice

Please note that some of the information available on the internet may be inaccurate, misleading and a matter of individual opinion. Some aspects of the internet can also be of questionable legality. We accept that there is some material on the web, which some users may find offensive. Our policy on access is informed by the same freedom of information principles, which apply, to the provision of all library material.

If any user breaks our conditions for using the web, we warn the user to stop. If he or she persists, then we will ask them to leave the web and we shall record the incident. If the same user re-offends, then future access to the web will be denied to that person at all libraries across the borough.

Staying within the law

It is your responsibility as a user (or as a parent or guardian) to be aware of the following and act accordingly. Failure to do so may result in sessions being terminated or, where the law is broken, prosecution:

  • Obscene Publications Acts (1959 and 1964). Pornographic material must not be viewed, downloaded or printed
  • Telecommunications Act (1984). Applies to email and forbids the transmission of messages or any other matter that is of a grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character over the public telecommunications system
  • The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988). You must make sure that you have the necessary permission before copying material from the internet
  • Computer Misuse Act (1990). Covers gaining unauthorised access to a computer (computer hacking) and writing or the intentional introduction of computer viruses
  • Data Protection Act (1998). Applies to obtaining, using and publishing information about identifiable individuals on the internet

Updated: 24 October 2023

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