Cover Story: Romance

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The Rest of the Story

Sarah Dessen

Emma Saylor’s memories of her long-dead mother are sketchy but she always thought she knew about her parents and how they got together. What she learns while on holiday with her mother’s family makes her realise that she has only been told part of the story. Emma decides to fill in the gaps, aided by an old friend who may be something more. An intriguing mystery with a dash of romance.

ISBN 9780008334390 - HarperCollins: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book The rest of the story

Happy Girl Lucky

Holly Smale

As the youngest of three celebrity sisters, Hope Valentine has fame, money and beauty. But she thinks that there is a large heart-shaped hole in her life as she hasn’t yet found true love, a situation Hope will do anything to put right. Easier said than done if the only things you know about romance have been learnt from TV movies. A funny story with an appealing main character from the author of the hugely successful ‘Geek Girl’ series.

ISBN 9780008254148 - HarperCollins: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book Happy girl lucky

Updated: 31 October 2019