The Current: Fantasy

Our pick of the best reads in the Fantasy genre.

Into the Crooked Place

Alexandra Christo

Tavia has been selling magic on the streets of Creije since she was a child, dreaming of the day when she has paid off the debt she owes the local crime lord and is free. When she discovers that the crime lord is dabbling in some very nasty magic indeed Tavia realises that she and her unlikely group of friends are going to have to stop him before he uses it to spread his malevolent influence over the whole city.

9781471408441, Hot Key: 2019

A Throne of Swans

Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

Lady Aderyn, new Protector of Atratys, is hiding a deadly secret. She cannot transform herself into swan. In her country only those who are able to transform into birds can hold positions of rank and power and she would lose everything if the truth were revealed. The answer might lie in the Silver Citadel, home of the cruel King, but her life would be forfeit if he knew the truth. Can she take the risk? A fantasy packed with intrigue and mystery.

9781471408755, Hot Key: 2020


Jennifer Donnelly

What happened to the Ugly Sisters after Cinderella went off with her prince? In this version of the fairy story the sisters are doomed never to win a handsome Prince because they have qualities not normally valued in women in fairy tales such as strength and intelligence rather that the beauty that heroines in fairy tales need. So, what path to happiness is open to them? An intriguing retelling of Cinderella that stays true to Grimm, with fully rounded characters.

9781471407970, Hot Key: 2019

We are Blood and Thunder

Kesia Lupo

A mist surrounds Duke’s Forest, breeding madness, paranoia and death. Distrustful of magic and increasingly desperate, the people have turned to the maniacal Justice for help. But when the Duke’s lost heir returns, and an accused mage escapes, things begin to change. As Lena, cryptling-turned-mage, begins to realise what her powers could mean, and Constance gets closer to her goal, the two girls’ fates intertwine in ways neither could expect.

9781408898055, Bloomsbury: 2019

Sorcery of Thorns

Margaret Rogerson

Elisabeth is an apprentice librarian in a Great Library, training to guard grimoires – powerful and dangerous books containing magical knowledge. When one breaks free Elisabeth manages to stop it before many deaths occur, but she finds herself blamed for the threat. Thrust into a circle of sorcerers and demons, Elisabeth realises the sabotage is worse than she realised. She must figure out who to trust, and how to stop the culprit threatening not only lives but Austermeerish magic itself.

9781481497619, Margaret K McElderry Books: 2019

Call down the Hawk

Maggie Stiefvater

In a world where some people can literally turn their dreams and nightmares into reality the paths of two of these ‘Dreamers’, one in search of his destiny and the other unable to do more than copy herself from dreams, are drawn inexorably towards a woman whose mission in life is to track down and kill people like them. This character-filled and sometimes gory fantasy is the first in a trilogy revisiting the world of ‘The Raven Boys’.

9781407194462, Scholastic: 2019

Updated: 9 May 2020