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There are over 2,000 plots on 23 allotment sites in the borough.

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About the plots

The majority of the plots measure approximately 125 square metres, although there are a few smaller plots provided on some of the sites.

All the sites are fitted with communal water taps that are generally within easy reach of most plots. We do not provide sheds, but sometimes new tenants may be able to negotiate to take over a shed owned by the outgoing tenant.

Renting an allotment does not require any experience or knowledge. They are open to everyone. There are experienced gardeners on most sites who will be happy to support new plot holders. There is also a large range of books available on the subject.

Commitment required

A well maintained plot of 5 rods or 126 square metres will take approximately six hours care each week, more in some months, less in others. An available plot may well have been neglected so is likely to take considerable time and physical effort to bring back to the required standard.

Consider the site

Visit your preferred site to chat to a committee member and other plot holders. Get a feel for the place. Consider your travelling time, ease of access and carriage of any equipment or supplies.

Most sites have volunteer committees that undertake some aspects of the council’s role in caring for their respective plots and present their members views to the council. All sites have experienced gardeners only too willing to help or advise new plot holders and so communities develop as facilities, ideas, problems and benefits are shared.

Waiting list

Our Allotment Strategy (2010-15) recognised the demand for allotments far outstripped supply. Starting in 2010 we restricted applications to one allotment per household. This means that people living at the same address can only have one allotment plot – a husband and wife, parent and child, or friends sharing the same house cannot have a plot each.

Due to very high demand we have temporarily closed the waiting lists for all our allotment sites from 1 December 2022.

We have taken this decision as we have over 3,800 people on the waiting list and wait times for a plot are over 10 years on many of our sites.

Applicants who are already on the list will not be affected.

Please do not contact the team to check your position on the list. We will be updating the list in 2023, and will contact everyone on the list to see if they are still interested in a plot.

In December 2023 we will review the position to see whether we can re-open the lists or whether we need to keep them closed until later in 2024.

Allotment rents

Rents are calculated on an annual basis according to plot size. You can pay your rent online.

The prices vary depending on if you are a resident of the borough. Prices are valid from 1 April 2024.


The price for Richmond upon Thames residents is £23.20 per 25 square metres.

The concessions prices are £11.50 per 25 square metres and are available for those residents who are over 60, unemployed, claim disability benefits, students or those on low income.

Senior Citizens - in order to be eligible for a reduced charge for an allotment in 2024/25 you will need to be at least 60 on 1 October 2024, the date when the payment becomes due.


All non-residents will pay £46.50 per 25 square metres, and are not eligible for any concessions.

Terms and conditions

All plot holders must adhere to the terms and conditions to ensure the appropriate use of each site, and the enduring harmony with fellow plot holders and surrounding neighbours. Sensible restrictions apply to such things as buildings, bonfires, crops and trees.

Allotment strategy 2019 to 2029

View our allotment strategy (pdf, 1MB) which focuses on improving the service over the next ten years.

Updated: 01 April 2024

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