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There are four paddling pools in the borough which can be found at the sites below:

Opening date

The paddling pools will open by Saturday 3 June 2023, provided the temperature feels like 20°C.


The pools are drained, cleaned and refilled at regular intervals which may mean they are not open every day while this process is carried out. The water cleanliness of the pools is checked daily ensuring that the pH, alkalinity and chlorine are all within the recommended limits.

The paddling pools are opened in the summer months when the temperature feels like 20°C.

Paddling pool guidelines

To ensure that the paddling pool is safe and clean we politely ask all parents, guardians and users to adhere to the following:

  1. This paddling pool is for the use of young children only
  2. All children inside the paddling pool enclosure must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is responsible for the child at all times
  3. Babies and children should not wear nappies in the paddling pool but a purpose made costume for swimming pool use
  4. No dogs are allowed in the pool or pool enclosure
  5. Glass bottles, glassware or china must not be brought into the pool enclosure
  6. The surrounds of the paddling pool may be slippery, so to avoid accidents please no running in the pool area
  7. Please no food or drink in the pool enclosure area and ensure no litter is left around the pool. Users should make use of the bins provided or take items home
  8. The paddling pool is a bare foot area; no skateboards, roller skates, bicycles or other such equipment shall be brought into the pool or pool enclosure
  9. This is a shallow water paddling pool not for swimming or diving

For further information, please contact or 0208 891 1411

Updated: 02 June 2023

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