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We undertake a continual programme of work to enhance our parks and open spaces.

We trust that the level of detail provided will assure the public that all works are being carried out in accordance with our Tree Policy (pdf, 214 KB).

Heathfield Recreation Ground Pavilion Consultation

As part of our continued commitment to improve our parks and open spaces, we have worked with the Friends of Heathfield Recreation Ground (FoHRGE) to develop proposed plans for the redevelopment of the existing metal container that acts as Heathfield pavilion and changing rooms.

The proposed redevelopment includes sports changing facilities, a café with server and kitchen, a multi-use community or club room, and public toilet facilities within the café and the community room.

Please note that there is currently no funding allocated to this proposed project. This consultation will gauge public support, which will be an important component of any planning application or funding applications in future if the scheme is to progress.

Have your say by completing the online survey.

Integrated Pest Management Policy

The Parks team have implemented the management policy below in regard to pest management in Parks and Open Spaces.

View Integrated Pest Management Policy (pdf, 197 KB)

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our Parks Customer Satisfaction Survey has found that 94% of residents are happy with the parks services in the borough.

This survey takes place every two years and aims to assess overall satisfaction with local parks and highlight any areas for improvement.

The 2021 survey found that Council-managed parks and open spaces in the borough continue to operate to a high standard with a general satisfaction amongst residents of 94%. Significantly, 97% of respondents rated the ease of access in parks as excellent, good or satisfactory while 91% of respondents said they felt safe in the Council’s parks.

Read the full 2021 Parks Customer Satisfaction Survey (pdf, 2.1 MB)

Mereway Fish Pass update

Planning permission has been granted for Mereway Fish Pass. The Environment Agency (EA) are working with fisheries and other organisations on construction and maintenance.

Contractors will be commencing the preparation of the site from Wednesday 8 December 2021.

The Environment Agency will be engaging with residents to provide information and will provide updates on their website.

The project is expected to be complete in August 2022.

Grass cutting programme and shrub and hedge maintenance

Grass verges that are maintained by the Council have been re-categorised into urban highway, rural highway and conservation highway verges. This is in an effort to increase biodiversity and reduce our carbon footprint.

Find out about our approach to managing grass verges and see what category verges by your home belong to.

Shrub beds across the borough are maintained on a monthly basis and hedges will be cut twice a year, once in the winter and once in late summer to allow for nesting season.

We are also introducing 'Pollination Stations' in the form of natural grass areas in parks and open spaces. Find out more about our approach to managing Pollination Stations.

Latest borough-wide Parks Project Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately many projects are on hold. Please see the most recent update:

View the latest parks update (pdf, 176 KB)

Find out more about the Parks Improvement Programme 2012-2018.

Wildflower Meadow Programmes

For the last few years Richmond has been carrying out a number of wildflower meadow projects across the borough.

See the latest update on Wildflower Meadows (pdf, 197 KB).

Services and facilities 

Shade and shelter

We permit the use of private awnings and open sided gazebos (2x2 metres) in our parks and open spaces for the use of shade and shelter. Closed gazebos and marquees are not permitted.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is an invasive species that originates from Japan and parts of Asia. Originally brought over by the Victorians to add to their plant collections, it has since thrived and without its natural predators spread throughout the English countryside. Due to its vigorous growth (through tarmac and concrete) and spread, combined with its resilience to treatment, it has become a major problem and rapidly out-competes our native plants reducing biodiversity.

For information on how to control and remove Japanese Knotweed please visit GOV.UK.

If you identify Japanese Knotweed on Council land, please contact us with as many details as possible (and if possible a photo) so that we can take the necessary steps to remove it.

Dog play areas

Richmond has two sites in the borough which have specific dog play areas, one is in North Sheen Recreation Ground and the other is a new 'Bark Park' at Chase Green. Dog walking is welcomed within our other parks and open spaces, such as Palewell Common and Sheen Common and many others.

However, all parks and open spaces are controlled by a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which imposes various restrictions to dog control.

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