Scoping Consultation on the Local Plan

We held a preliminary public consultation on the scope for the review of existing policies for the Local Plan, together with draft site allocations.

About the consultation

We have commenced the process of reviewing our existing planning policies within the adopted Core Strategy (2009) and Development Management Plan (2011) as well as considering the allocation of key sites for development.

A preliminary public consultation on the rationale and scope for the review of the existing policies, together with the proposed sites to be allocated for development, took place between 4 January and 1 February 2016.

This was an additional stage of consultation, not required by legislation, which enabled us to get input as early as possible from interested parties, including Duty to Cooperate bodies, key stakeholders, national and local organisations, developers and landowners as well as the local community.

Further information on the purpose of the consultation can be found within the main consultation document.

Consultation documents

The consultation has now closed but the documents can be downloaded below for reference.

Consultation responses

What happens next

For details on next steps view our proposed timetable for reviewing and preparing the Local Plan.

Updated: 12 June 2017