Local Plan Review

We adopted our new Local Plan for the borough in July 2018, which replaces our previous policies within the Core Strategy and Development Management Plan. The Plan sets out policies and guidance for the development of the borough over the next 15 years.


The table below sets out the timetable for the Local Plan review.

Activity Date
Consultation on scope of review of policies and draft site allocations 4 January to 1 February 2016
First consultation on the draft Local Plan (Pre-publication) 8 July to 19 August 2016
Second consultation on the draft Local Plan (Publication) that the Council intends to submit to Secretary of State 4 January to 15 February 2017
Submission of the draft Local Plan to the Secretary of State 19 May 2017
Independent Examination in Public Autumn/Winter 2017/2018
Adoption of the Local Plan 3 July 2018

Further information

If you would like more information, please contact the Planning Policy Team.

Email: localplan@richmond.gov.uk

Updated: 5 July 2018