Submission for independent Examination in Public

We have submitted Richmond’s Local Plan to the Secretary of State for independent Examination in Public by a Planning Inspector.


On Friday 19 May 2017, the London Borough of Richmond submitted the Local Plan (Publication version), along with other publication and submission documents, evidence and supporting documents to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent Examination.

The Local Plan has gone through various stages of consultation. The most recent consultation from 4 January to 15 February 2017 was on the Local Plan (Publication version), which sought comments as to the “soundness” and legal compliance of the Plan.

Our submission to the Secretary of State includes all comments received during the Publication consultation, as well as copies of all the responses received from the earlier rounds of consultation.

Submission documents

Download the complete list of documents submitted to the Secretary of State (pdf, 180 KB), including hyperlinks to online versions of the documents.

A number of these documents, including key publication and submission documents, can also be downloaded directly from the list below.

Please note, some of these consultation documents are very large in size and may take some time to download.

Publication documents:

Submission documents:

The following evidence documents were also submitted:

What happens next

An independent planning Inspector will consider the “soundness” of the Local Plan, which means that an Inspector will check that all legal and other requirements have been met. It will be the role of the Inspector to consider comments submitted to the Council during the Publication consultation. The Inspector will also take into account the submission documents and local evidence base. If the Inspector considers the Local Plan to be “sound” and that it meets all the legal and other requirements, it can be formally adopted.

A Programme Officer has been appointed to support the Examination in Public. The Programme Officer is an independent officer of the Examination and works on behalf of the Inspector. His role is to organise and manage the administrative and procedural matters of the examination process, and he is the point of contact for any queries in relation to the examination or correspondence with the Inspector.

If you made representations on the Local Plan Publication version, the Programme Officer will contact you on behalf of the Inspector. Further information about the Examination will be available within the next few weeks from the Programme Officer and on our website.

Further information

Contact the Local Plan team if you would like more information:

Telephone: 0208 891 1411

Updated: 22 June 2017