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The Healthier Catering Commitment scheme helps food businesses offer healthier choices to their customers.

About the scheme

The Healthier Catering Commitment is a voluntary scheme that is promoted by local authorities to help caterers and food businesses offer healthier, nutritious food to the public. By making a Healthier Catering Commitment, caterers and food businesses make simple healthy changes to the way they cook and serve food.

Eating out does not have to be a high fat or salty experience. With small changes to cooking practices at food businesses, people can be assured that healthier food options are on offer.  

The scheme is run by us and is backed by both the Mayor of London and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Benefits to your businesses

Businesses who receive the award will be listed on this page and on the Healthier Catering Commitment London Website. Your business will receive a certificate and a window display sticker for your premises. Your business will also be promoted via our social media channels and to workplaces participating in offering healthy lifestyle activities for their employees.

Benefits to businesses signed up to the scheme include:

  • Increased publicity and awareness
  • Increased number of customers visiting the business
  • Ability to contribute to the health and wellbeing of residents
  • Potential to attract more customers who are looking for healthier options

View the list of businesses signed up to the Healthier Catering Commitment in Richmond.


The Healthier Catering Commitment is open to all food businesses that have a food hygiene rating scheme score of three or above. The scheme is open to all types of catering establishments including fast food takeaways, cafes, and restaurants. 

Food businesses who apply will have to meet a minimum of eight criteria to qualify for the Healthier Catering Commitment award. There are four essential criteria that all businesses have to meet, plus an additional three essential criteria that have to be met if you are using a deep fat fryer.

Apply for the scheme

To apply for the scheme, please contact or

Updated: 11 July 2023

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