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We are responsible for the maintenance of the public highway.

Trip hazards on pavements are a key concern so please report any defective pavements.

Chewing gum removal

We are committed to removing chewing gum from pavements. We will remove chewing gum from pavements within the borough where necessary on an annual basis. Our contractor will remove the chewing gum using a specialised removal machine.

Please do not spit or drop chewing gum on the pavements or roads, as you would be committing the offence of littering. Please wrap your used gum in a piece of paper or tissue and put it in a bin.

If you believe there is an area in particular need of chewing gum removal, you should report this online.

Obstructed pavements

Streetworks, roadworks, skips, scaffolds, hoardings, advertising boards and building materials that block the pavement are all considered to cause an obstruction to pedestrians.

If you encounter any of the following problems, you should report the obstruction.

  • A skip or scaffolding is obstructing the pavement
  • No barriers around streetworks/roadworks and building work is affecting pedestrian safety
  • Building materials are blocking the pavement
  • An advertising board is blocking the pavement
  • Banners or bunting is causing an obstruction

Advertising in public

We offer guidance on advertising in public within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. This includes displaying posters, advertising boards or setting up a promotional stall on a public highway or footpath.

Vehicle damage

If you see a vehicle causing damage to a pavement, please let us know the vehicle details so we can recover the cost of repairs.


When work is carried out on pavements and footways, the organisation carrying out the work is responsible for ensuring there is a safe diversionary route for pedestrians and other traffic, and that there is satisfactory reinstatement of the pavement.

Updated: 27 September 2021

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