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Kew CPZ Review (Zones KA and KB)

We are carrying out a review of the Kew and South Kew CPZs in light of local development.


In light of the Government guidance encouraging local authorities to make active travel improvements and as part of Richmond Council’s continuing measures to support walking and cycling in light of COVID-19, the parking was removed on the Kew Road, between Lion Gate Gardens and Kew Gardens Road. 

The operational times of the existing northbound cycle lane from 8am to 10am to 'at any time'. Previously, this section of Kew Road was used primarily for the parking of cars and coaches by those visiting Kew Gardens. We will shortly be formalising this through the implementation of an experimental traffic/cycle scheme in Kew Road with a view to a more permanent arrangement in the future. This will mean that the currently suspended parking spaces in Kew Road will not be reinstated.

Both Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in this area, KA and KB, operate Monday to Friday 10am to Noon. Recognising that the change could have wider impacts (particularly as visitor numbers increase), we are now consulting residents and businesses across Kew about the future operation of these zones.

To ensure that the CPZ continues to provide parking for the community, we feel that the days/hours of operation need to be increased in the near future, at least in those roads nearest to Kew Road.  An increase in the CPZ’s days/hours of operation would be implemented on a trial basis (Experimental Traffic Orders) and reviewed after six months of operation.

Parking proposals

An information sheet will be made available when the consultation opens.

Option 1: Extend the CPZ days/hours of operation to Monday to Sunday (including Bank Holidays) noon to 4pm (4 hours).

  • Aimed at the busiest part of the day for parking, particularly by visitors to Kew Gardens. Permit charges remains on Tier 1 (2 to 4 hour CPZ)

Option 2: Extend the CPZ days/hours of operation to Monday to Sunday (including Bank Holidays) 10am to 4.30pm (6.5 hours).

  • Aimed at providing a slightly higher level of parking protection for the community including visitors to Kew Gardens. Parking permit charges would rise to Tier 2 (6.5 hour CPZ) in the future. However, should any increase in the CPZ days/hours of operation be implemented, we will retain the parking permit charges at Tier 1 for the duration of the experimental period, that is for at least 18 months.

The online survey/questionnaire contains options for days and hours of operation, including evening controls until 10pm, should residents feel that a higher level of parking protection would be required.

Other options and considerations

Event day Zone:

  • An option to apply the parking controls when there are major events on in the area outside the schemes’ operational hours, an alternative to simply extending the days/hours each day into, say, the evenings throughout the year. An information sheet will be posted on this page when the consultation opens.

Pay and Display Zones:

  • Should the decision be made to modify the CPZ days/hours of operation in part or all of Zones KA and KB, consideration will be given to amending the hours of operation of the existing Pay and Display Zones (Station Approach/Station Parade, Sandycombe Road, North Road) so that they too operate every day.  Further discussions will be held with the affected businesses on these schemes.

Coach parking:

  • We are in discussion with Kew Gardens concerning the future arrangements for coaches given that they are no longer able to park in Kew Road. These include the consideration of coach 'drop off' and 'pick up' areas outside Elizabeth Gate at Kew Green and parking arrangements away from the area. Restrictions to prohibit coaches from entering the residential roads off Kew Road are also being considered.

Parking bays in place across driveways:

  • The regulations now allow the Council to remove ‘bay’ markings in front of dropped kerbs but retain the same arrangements as before; for example, the facility for residents and their visitors to park in front of their driveways at any time, including during the operational days/hours of the CPZ, provided a valid permit is on display. We are asking if you would like the bay removed and no yellow line marked in its place or the bay removed and a yellow line marked.


The consultation opened on Tuesday 28 July and closed on Wednesday 26 August 2020.

Niton Road area

At the same time, we also consulted residents in a network of uncontrolled roads adjacent to the KB Zone to see if they wanted to join the zone. 

The consultation opened on Tuesday 28 July and closed on Wednesday 26 August 2020.

North Kew

We also consulted residents and businesses in the North Kew (Kew Green) area on the possibility of implementing a new CPZ there. 


The results formed part of a wider report. View report


  • Note the results of the consultation of Zones KA and KB but make no changes to their operational days/hours at this time, including the Pay and Display Zones (Station Approach/Station Parade, Sandycombe Road, North Road). Situation to be reviewed during 2021/22
  • Undertake further consultation with residents of the Chilton Road/Niton Road area on extending Zone KB to this area
  • Remove all marked parking bays across driveways taking into account the feedback received from affected residents
  • Officers to consider/progress a number of minor changes to the zones


To find out more contact us by email at or call 020 8891 1411.

Updated: 19 August 2021