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Teddington Lock footbridges improvement works

Works to repair the suspension footbridge main structure and lockcut iron truss footbridge are running from June 2023, to be completed by the end of 2023.

From Monday 11 September 2023 there will be no access across the bridges from 9.30pm to 6.30am, Monday to Friday.

Why the works are happening now

These are essential maintenance works to ensure the bridge can continue to be used safely. They are targeted to address the safety critical and urgent repairs required, including removing corrosion and applying a new protective paint system. This work involves steel repairs and steel replacement in places. 

The project also includes replacing the Ferry Road approach ramp. This is subject to planning permission and listed building consent. Once the consents are in place, this part of the project will be planned accordingly.

A principal inspection of both structures was undertaken in 2019. The inspection assessed the condition of the structures and categorised any required interventions. Those classified as ‘safety critical’ or ‘urgent’ have been taken forward and included within the scope of the project.

The works that began in the summer are to remove the existing paint system, where it has failed and there is evidence of severe steel corrosion. We have taken this forward to avoid further impact of weather on the works, as far as possible.

Bridge access

A bespoke access system has been developed that allows the majority of works to be completed whilst maintaining access across both bridges. However, we will need to restrict access to the bridges when working on the inside of the parapets, due to the bridges' restricted width.

In order to keep the disruption on the local communities and users of the bridges to a minimum we will only restrict access overnight during the first phase of works: between 9.30pm and 6.30am, Monday to Friday, when required.

There will be full access on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Alternative options for crossing the river

We expect the demand to cross the bridges between 9.30pm and 6.30am to be significantly lower than during the day, but if you need to seek an alternative route there are a number of options.

Full route information and timetables for bus, rail and underground services can be viewed on the TfL website.

For those who would normally cross Teddington/ Lock Cut Bridge as part of their commute to access rail services to and from Teddington, the following bus routes serve both Richmond (rail and underground services) and Kingston (rail services):

371 - serving Ham

The 371 runs:

  • Monday to Saturday - every 8 to 10 minutes, between approximately 5.30 and 1am
  • Sunday - every 11 to 12 minutes, between approximately 6.30 and 1am

Bus stops are located on Sandy Lane, Ham Street, Ashburnham Road, Broughton Avenue and Dukes Avenue.

65 and N65 - serving Ham Common/Ham Parade

The 65 route operates approximately every 12 minutes between approximately 5.30 and 00.50am.

The N65 route (night service) operates approximately every 30 minutes between approximately 1 and 5am. 

Bus stops are located along the A307 (Richmond Road, Upper Ham Road, Petersham Road).

Onward bus connections to Teddington

From Kingston you can use routes 281 and 285 or the SL7 Superloop.

Onward bus connections to Twickenham

From Richmond you can use route 490.

Length of works

The steel structure works are programmed to be completed by the end of the year. It is very difficult to understand the extent of this work until we have removed all of the corrosion. The current programme is based on the information we have been able to obtain from trial areas and visual inspections.

The works to replace the Ferry Road approach ramp will be programmed once we have all the required consents in place.

Access for people with disabilities

Although the usable width of the bridge will be slightly compromised in places there will be no further constraints, other than the out of hours closures.

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Updated: 07 September 2023

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