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Book online to have household waste that is too big or heavy for the bin, such as broken furniture and dishwashers, collected from your home. We can also collect small waste electrical items for recycling free of charge when you book this service. This service is for residential properties only. We do not collect from businesses.

Fridges and freezer collections are booked separately.

Before you start

If you think another local resident might want the item you want to get rid of, don't dump it, Freegle it and save the fee. Richmond Freegle enables local residents to exchange unwanted items free of charge. Please browse the free items currently available.

Alternatively, contact the Richmond Furniture Scheme, a local charity who accept furniture in good condition for reuse.

If you are unsure about whether we can collect your bulky item(s) please call us on 020 8891 1411.

Bulky items we can or cannot collect
We can collect We cannot collect
Household waste items that are too big for the bin (e.g. furniture and electrical appliances)

Commercial or industrial waste

Household waste items weighing 25kg or more (e.g. furniture and electrical appliances)

Anything that cannot be safely lifted by two people

Printers and computers

Ink cartridges or printers with ink cartridges in situ

Fridges and freezers (booked separately)

Any items not listed on the booking form

Small electrical items for recycling

Waste  from works of construction/demolition or preparatory works* (e.g. rubble, concrete, plasterboard, fitted kitchen units, fitted bathtubs, fitted carpets, doors etc).

Free standing glass sheets or panes; for example, table top, mirrors (must be wrapped to allow for safe transit

Broken fluorescent light bulbs/tubes

Any item that is 6ft long must be broken up into small manageable pieces for it to fit within the collection vehicle Any item that is 6ft long and will not fit into collection vehicle
  Earth, stones, concrete and soil
   Garden waste (we have a separate service for this)
  Hazardous waste such as clinical waste, gas cylinder, paint or asbestos** (there are separate services for these)
  Motor vehicle parts
  Oil or liquids

*Small quantities from domestic sources can be taken to Townmead Road Household Re-use and Recycling Centre. If you have larger amounts you should employ a registered waste collection company or hire a skip. Please note that skips need to be licensed and that we reserve the right for collection staff to refuse to collect items on inspection if they believe they present a significant risk to health and safety or harm to the environment.

**We will not accept hazardous waste such as Calor gas, gas cylinder, butane and propane bottles or oxygen bottles. Some gas bottles can be taken to Townmead Road Reuse and Recycling Centre and disposed of safely.

You will need

This process requires you to make a payment. 

You must list which items you want collected at the time of booking.

Our standard charge covers a single collection of up to five bulky items. There are extra charges for additional items. Fridge and freezer collections are charged separately on a per item basis.

We offer limited free collections for low income residents in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, or Pension Credit Guaranteed Credit or Employment and Support Allowance. If you believe you qualify for a free collection please call us on 020 8891 1411. You may be required to provide evidence of eligibility.

Bulky waste charges 2023/24
Type Price per collection No. of items per collection Price per additional item above first 5 Max no. of collections per financial year
Full price £71 5 £8.30 Additional collections are charged at full price
Over 60s £23.40 5 £6.60


(Additional collections are charged at full price)

Low income

Free 5 Free 2


What happens next

  • You will select a date for your items to be collected. We aim for this to be no longer than 10 working days from receiving your application and payment.
  • Your collection will be made between 7am and 4pm on the day you selected.
  • Make sure you have clearly specified what you want collected, as nothing else will be removed.
  • If you find you are unable to present the items for collection for your booked collection, please call the 020 8891 1411 as soon as possible to reschedule the service. We will usually only reschedule a collection once.
  • You should leave your items for collection where they are clearly visible in your front garden if you have one. Do not place them on the public highway.
  • If you do not have a front garden or other open and accessible area for us to collect them from you can place them on the public highway. However, you must only do this after 8.30pm on the day before the collection is due, only beside the entrance to your own property and only if this does not cause an obstruction.
  • We cannot collect items from inside your property, so if you need help moving the item outside, you should make these arrangements in advance of the collection date.

If you require further information or advice, please contact us on 020 8891 1411.

Cancellations and refunds

Any cancellation requests for booked collections must be received at least two working days before the day of collection in order for a refund to be payable. For example, a collection booked for Friday would need to be cancelled by the end of the preceding Tuesday.

To cancel your collection, contact us.

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Updated: 11 September 2023

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