Use this online form to subscribe to our fortnightly garden recycling bin collection service or to renew your existing contract.

Before you start

You must have one of our council bins (green wheelie bin with blue lid) to join this scheme. You can buy a bin using this form, if you don’t already have one. 

Subscription dates

From 1 March 2023, the 12 month contract will be available. This runs from 1 April 2023 (or, if you sign up after this date, from the first day of the next month after you join), until 31 March 2024.

Subscription fee (for 12 month contract)

  • Under 75 - £77
  • Over 75 - £58

If you do not have a bin you will need to buy one for £33.

Additional subscriptions

Each subscription covers one garden recycling bin. If you need more than one bin you will need to purchase an additional garden recycling subscription.

You will need

This process requires an online payment.

What happens next

You will receive your new sticker, within 10 working days.

The sticker shows the collection crews that you are eligible for this service. The crews will not collect from bins with out of date or missing collection stickers. Follow the instructions and attach it to the side of your green garden recycling bin.

If you have not received your sticker, contact or call 020 8891 1411.

Lost or damaged stickers

If you have lost or damaged the sticker that came with your subscription you can order a replacement sticker.

If your request is authorised we will send your sticker within five working days.

Cancelling your contract

Refunds are not offered for early cancellation of your contract.

If you change your mind a refund will be considered within three working days of purchasing collections.

Contact or telephone 020 8891 1411.

Start my request

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Updated: 01 March 2023

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