Brand Magic Workshop w/ Aligned Design Co.

Can your audience feel your brand magic?

If you’re ready to level-up your brand, you first need clarity on who you are and what you bring to the table.

In this inspiring half-day we’ll explore how to make your brand extraordinary.

Looking at your business with fresh eyes and strategic focus is what will set you up for a brand with style and connection. Spend time out with other driven founders, freelancers and creatives at a bright and airy venue. Delicious snacks and goody bags will fuel our exploration together.


Self-promotion for success

In this masterclass, you will have an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate your successes, as well as to learn some effective tools to help you get better at self-promotion to support your business in 2024.


Financial planning with confidence

Join this free business.connected webinar to demystify financial planning and boost your business with confidence. Seasoned experts, Iain Hawthorn and Paul Grant, will dive into the who, how and when to ask for funding and the importance of articulating what stage you're at. You will learn how to write a great business plan for debt and a financial model for investment.

It is an opportunity to understand how banks think and act and discover the four key financial drivers you need to know to succeed.


Tech Hub: Discover how to use AI to supercharge your digital presence

Join this free Tech Hub webinar to discover how to use AI to supercharge your digital presence.

Surya Varatharajan, founder of Yosanie, an AI-powered digital marketing assistant for businesses, shares insights on how to improve your digital presence, audience engagement and sales conversion. Yosanie offers AI marketing tools designed to boost your digital presence, where AI-produced content is reviewed and enhanced by real human creatives.

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