Annual Voter Registration frequently asked questions

Find the answers to common questions about the annual Household Enquiry Form.


Do I have to reply to this? I have completed a registration form before

Yes. Each year the Electoral Registration Officer must republish the register of electors. To ensure all details are accurate, forms are sent to every property to confirm/amend details for that property.

I have lost my form and need the security code to respond online

We cannot reissue your code. Please look out for reminder letters and respond then.

What does 'Included On Open Register' mean?

This means your details are not restricted so can be used by direct marketing firms to send 'junk mail'. We are required by law to produce the Full Electoral Register for election purposes (and the prevention and detection of crime and checking identity when you apply for credit).

We are also obliged by law to provide an Open Register that can be bought by anyone to use for any purpose, but which must leave out the names of people who ask for their details to be excluded from it.

Find out more about the Full and Open Registers.

The people named on the form have moved - what do I do?

This form is only for your property, so do not forward it on. You can either make corrections online, or on the paper form.

Can anyone complete the information online or complete and sign the paper form?

Yes, as long as the information is correct.

I am registered for Council Tax, why am I not on the electoral register?

The Council Tax register and the electoral register are two separate registers.

The Council Tax register may show the names of the owners and not necessarily the residents of the properties.

Can I register at two addresses?

Normally people are registered at their permanent home address.

Students may register at both their term-time and non-term-time address. If you are living somewhere temporarily but have a permanent address elsewhere, you should register at the permanent address.

My son/daughter is a student - should I put them on the form?

Students are allowed to register at their home address and their university or college address. It is an offence to vote twice in the same election, for example, a parliamentary general election or European Union election.

However, if they are registered in two different Councils, they can vote in both Council elections. For example, they could vote for a local councillor in their home town (e.g. Richmond) and they could also vote for a councillor in their university town (e.g. Cambridge).

If they are likely to be away at university during an election, but want to vote in a Council election, they can apply for a postal vote (or appoint a proxy).

I have received a form, but this is a shop/business

If there is a flat above the shop, please give to the residents there. If the property is definitely only a business, delete any pre-printed names, tick the box ‘This is solely a business property’ (in ’Nobody eligible to vote‘), and sign and return the form.

I am about to move - what do I do with this form?

If you have a confirmed move date you should go online to delete your name(s) and mark the 'Property Is Empty', or use the paper form to delete names, then sign and return the form.

If you are not sure when you are moving, it would be better to renew your registration now to make sure that you are registered, and contact us or your new borough once you have moved.

Why is my name not pre-printed on the form although I have been living here for years?

It means that nobody is currently registered, either because we did not receive a household response from this address last year, or residents did not register under the new IER system introduced in June 2014.

The Electoral Roll is separate to other records, so paying Council Tax does not register you to vote. You must respond to your form so we know the current situation for your address.

Any occupants not listed may also wish to visit the individual registration website (GOV.UK) to update their details as soon as possible for voting and credit purposes.

My middle name/s are not listed in full

The Register lists first and last names, and only the initials of middle names.

I have leave to remain in the UK but I am not a British Citizen. Can I register to vote?

Electoral registration is linked to citizenship. British, Irish, EU and qualifying Commonwealth citizens are eligible to register to vote. Vist aboutmyvote to check which countries are eligible.

If you are not a citizen of any of these countries, you cannot register to vote.

I have dual nationality - am I entitled to register?

If one of your nationalities is British, you have full registration and voting rights.

If one of your nationalities is on the list of EU and Commonwealth countries, you can also register. If neither of your nationalities is on those lists, you cannot register.

I don’t have British citizenship but I have lived here for a number years. I am also married to a British Citizen. Can I go on the register?

Only if you are an EU or Commonwealth citizen with leave to stay in this country. Marriage to a British person does not automatically confer British nationality.

Will I get a confirmation you have received my form and that I am registered to vote?

Confirmations from the Household Enquiry Form are scheduled to be sent to each address after the new register is published. Responding to this form will stop reminders and personal visits.

We confirm receipt of individual registration applications separately.

When are the next elections?

Details of upcoming elections can be found on our scheduled elections page.

I haven't received my form, or have damaged it?

Every property will be sent their form in mid-August. If we do not receive a response you will automatically be sent a reminder in September 2016.

Why does the form ask if I am over 76?

This is to confirm if you are eligible for jury service.

If your date of birth is listed incorrectly, email with your details and we will update our records accordingly.

Alternatively, you can update your date of birth on the form and post it back to us.

Updated: 11 October 2017