Richmond Performance Tool

See a balanced view of Richmond Council’s performance in relation to other local authorities.

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Our performance in context

We are committed to providing the best possible services to our residents and stakeholders, and to being as transparent as we can with our residents.

The Richmond Performance Tool provides an overview of how outcomes for residents in the borough compare with those in other London authorities

All performance indicators published in this tool are already publically available. Links are provided to the sources.

The Crime indicators are sourced using iQuanta, a tool developed for local Community & Safety Partnership Teams within Local Authorities.

How it works

Richmond's performance is displayed relative to where it sits in terms of overall performance, i.e. 1st (best performing) or 32nd (worst performing) out of all London Authorities.

View the data

We have grouped the data into 6 themes.

You can also select boroughs to compare across a theme.

Use the data

This data is published in an open format with an open license. You can view visual summaries, or download the full dataset in its raw format to undertake your own analysis.

Updated: 6 February 2019