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We have joined forces with the Richmond Borough Police to provide a number of CCTV cameras in the Borough, which are used to view and monitor activity in public spaces.

Purpose of the scheme

  • To discourage all types of criminal activity in the area
  • To assist the Police in providing a swift response to criminal and anti social activity
  • To provide evidence to assist in the detection and prosecution of perpetrators of criminal activity
  • To promote a safer environment for all members of society who live, work or visit the borough
  • To promote and facilitate an active partnership in the discouragement of crime, between the police, the Council, the business community and the residents and visitors to the area
  • To alert the emergency services in the event of fire, road traffic accidents or people needing assistance
  • To assist in traffic management and enforcement
  • To assist in the event of a civil emergency or disaster

The scheme is not to be used to invade the privacy of any individual in residential, business, or other private premises, buildings or land.

We have made every effort in the planning and design of the CCTV system to give it maximum effectiveness. However, it's not possible to guarantee that the system will record every single incident taking place in the areas of coverage.

The scheme makes specific arrangements for the provision of recordings for evidential purposes to the police.

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The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames also adheres to the principles contained in the CCTV Code of Practice published by the Information Commisioners Office.

Updated: 21 July 2021

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