Building Notice applications site inspections

Site inspections

These are carried out as for the Full Plans route. These site inspections are essential as no plans are submitted under the Building Notice route. The initial inspection is particularly important and the onus is on the applicant to notify the Building Control department and request inspections.

No approval notice is issued nor are any approved plans forwarded to the Agent. However, provided all works are carried out to the satisfaction of the Building Control Department on site, a Completion Certificate will be issued on request.

The importance of a Completion Certificate cannot be over-emphasised. It verifies that a property complies with legal guidelines and has been subject to Building Regulations inspections.

For this reason it also facilitates the conveyancing process for all those involved, i.e. house owners, developers, solicitors, banks, building societies and purchasers.

As the final part of the process, a Completion Certificate is forwarded to the applicant, following a satisfactory final inspection. Further copies may be issued on request which may be subject to a charge.

Updated: 2 November 2012