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This is the less common route taken and, unless the work is very simple such as simple structural alterations, drainage alterations, garage conversions, underpinning work, installing a bathroom, re-roofing work, detached garages/outbuildings, installing a heating appliance and/or chimney flue, it is not advisable to take it.

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About Building Notice applications

Using a Building Notice will make it harder for your builder to compile an accurate quote for your work.

It may seem quicker to make a Building Notice application but it could end up taking longer and costing you more money, as a greater emphasis is upon you to make sure your work complies with the Regulations. Our advice is not to do building work on a Building Notice unless the work is very small. For complex building work and for people not very experienced in construction it is fair to say that Building Notices should be avoided.

Not all buildings can be built under a Building Notice. Premises designated under the Fire Precautions Act, such as offices, shops, railway premises and factories, need to be built on a Full Plans application. The reason being that it will be necessary for Richmond Building Control Services to consult with the London Fire Authority, as a Fire Certificate will probably be required. Also, buildings subject to the Workplace Regulations 1997 are required to be built under a Full Plans application.

A Full Plans application and Building Notice application cost exactly the same so no financial incentive exists for making either application.

Whilst Building Control do not assess plans for this type of application, depending on the type of work undertaken, plans and details of the work may be requested. If any plans are available it is recommended that these are included with the application.

What's needed for a Building Notice application

Your application should consist of the following:

  • One application form
  • A site location plan (1:1250) unless the work is internal only
  • Drawings are often helpful but not a requirement
  • The appropriate fee

Building Notice application form and fees

Please note

Once we have received your application and not enough monies are paid on submission your application will stand invalid because further monies are required.

Making a payment

There are now a number of ways to make a payment.

You can ring us on 020 8891 7117 and we can take Credit/Debit card payments over the telephone. If you are hearing impaired please contact minicom number 020 8831 6001.

Alternatively, our Finance Department will issue an invoice for the outstanding amount.


Where a charge is paid but work does not proceed, any request for a refund will be considered on the basis of costs incurred by the Council subject to a minimum administration charge.

Party Wall Act

Your attention is drawn to the requirements of the Party Wall Act 1996 which may affect your proposals. You must notify all affected neighbours if work you are intending to carry out falls within the Act. This may include:

  • Work on an existing wall shared with another property.
  • Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property.
  • Excavating near a neighbouring property.

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