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Air Quality campaign for businesses

Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. It encourages everyone to take action to help reduce air pollution and usually involves hundreds of events around the country including many in our borough.

Clean Air Day - Thursday 16 June 2022

This year's theme is 'Air pollution dirties every organ in your body - take steps to improve your health this Clean Air Day'. See how air pollution impacts every organ in the body (pdf, 423 KB).

We encourage all businesses to take part for Clean Air Day or at any other time by:

Find out more information about what is being done in the borough for Clean Air Day.

#EnginesOff! Campaign

As part of the Idling Action project, we ask local businesses to join the #EnginesOff campaign which includes a driver training video with information and tips on how use your vehicles more efficiently and help reduce local air pollution. We also encourage businesses to sign our engine idling pledge to help eliminate engine idling in our borough.

View Air Quality for Businesses for more information about this campaign and other projects that businesses can get involved in.

Clean Air Villages - Phase 3

The Clean Air Villages campaign helps to promote long term behaviour change by supporting local businesses in areas of high pollution to reduce their own impact on local air quality, particularly around deliveries. This is a Cross River Partnership led project.

View Air Quality for Businesses for more information about Clean Air Villages.

Healthy Streets Everyday

The Healthy Streets Everyday campaign helps encourage small behaviour changes every day through the promotion of walking and cycling and has adapted in 2020 to include school streets, cycle training, and the online promotion of Car Free Day and Clean Air Day. This is a Cross River Partnership led project.

Updated: 24 June 2022

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