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Use this form to report fly-tipping.

Before you start

If the fly-tip is on private land (which includes most shared alleyways, access roads, and garages), it is the responsibility of the land owner(s) or those who benefit from a private right of way to arrange clearance.

We can investigate fly-tips where there is evidence or a witness, but we do not clear fly-tips on private land.

Please do not touch or move the fly-tip.

You will need

  • To be able to describe the location of the fly-tip.
  • To describe the quantity of the fly-tip and if possible the items that are fly-tipped.
  • To give any detail about the person who left the fly-tip such as their name or vehicle registration, if possible.

What happens next

We will investigate and will clear a fly-tip on the public highway within five working days.

We may contact you for further information if you provide contact details.

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Updated: 14 October 2022

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