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A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is a legal document notifying you that your vehicle has been observed allegedly contravening a parking or traffic restriction.

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What is a PCN?

We enforce parking in accordance with our Parking Enforcement and Cancellation Protocol(pdf, 599KB).

We monitor parking and traffic in two ways:

  1. Patrolling Civil Enforcement Officers, who issue PCNs at the time of the alleged contravention. If the vehicle leaves before the PCN has been issued, or the Officer is prevented from issuing the notice then we will contact the DVLA for the vehicle keeper details and post a PCN to the person we believe to be the keeper of the vehicle.
  2. Using fixed CCTV cameras, which record the alleged contravention. The footage is reviewed and if an alleged contravention is confirmed, we will contact the DVLA for the vehicle keeper details and post a PCN to the person we believe to be the keeper of the vehicle.

CCTV locations

This list contains locations exclusively enforced using CCTV cameras. Valid from 30 May 2022.

CCTV enforcement locations list
Location Camera number Contravention enforced Contravention code
Clarence Street/Kew Road, Richmond


Proceed in the correct direction (left only, not across the junction) 32D

Health Road/Twickenham


Bus lane 34J

Kew Road/Church Road, Richmond


Yellow box junction 31J

Kew Road, Richmond


Bus lane 34J

Lonsdale Road, Barnes


Keep to specified side of bollard 38L

Manor Gardens, Richmond


One way direction 29J

Park Road, Hampton


Prohibited left turn  50L

Percy Road, Whitton


Prohibited right turn 50R

Plevna Road, Hampton


No entry 51J

Sheen Road/Manor Road, Richmond


Yellow box junction 31J

Somerton Avenue, Mortlake


One way direction 32D

South Worple Way, East Sheen


Prohibited left turn 50L

The Green/Heath Road, Twickenham


Yellow box junction 31J

Upper Sunbury Road/Lower Sunbury Road, Hampton

UPP13CUV Yellow box junction 31J

Upper Sunbury Road/Percy Road, Hampton

UPP14CUV Yellow box junction 31J 

Hill View Road


Prohibited motor vehicles 0730-930, 5/7  52M

York Street/Arragon Road, Twickenham


Yellow box junction  31J

Grosvenor Road, junction with Holly Road


One way direction  29J

Albert Road with Park Road


Prohibited motor vehicles  50R

Albert Road north easterly from junction with Park Road


Prohibited motor vehicles 50M

Burtons Road the railway bridge, westbound


Prohibited motor vehicles 50M

Burtons Road eastwards from Seymour Road


Prohibited motor vehicles 50M

Burtons Road with St James Road

BUR14 CUV Prohibited motor vehicles 50M

Burtons Road eastwards from Uxbridge Road


Prohibited motor vehicles 50M

Example of a PCN

Below is a sample PCN as issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer on street or in a car park. Postal PCNs include similar details. The information and guidance included on any recovery document issued by the Council is determined by the legislation quoted on the notice.

  1. PCN Number - This is a unique 10 digit reference number starting 'RT' and must be quoted on all correspondence and when telephoning.
  2. Date of Service of this Notice - The date the notice was fixed to the vehicle or handed to the driver.
  3. Vehicle Registration Number - The unique registration number of the vehicle, without spaces.
  4. Make and Colour - The vehicle make and colour as believed by the Civil Enforcement Officer. An incorrect colour does not invalidate a PCN due to the possibility of poor lighting or ambiguous vehicle colours.
  5. Tax Disc Number - The number of the vehicle license as displayed in the windscreen.
  6. Tax Disc Expiry Date - The expiry date of the vehicle license as displayed in the windscreen.
  7. Location - The road or location where the alleged contravention occurred.
  8. Contravention - The reference number and a brief description of the contravention believed to have been committed by the vehicle. See PCN contravention codes for more information.
  9. Date and Time of Contravention - The actual date and time at which the alleged contravention was recorded on the Civil Enforcement Officer's handheld computer, which corresponds to when the Officer has confirmed the notice was printed correctly.
  10. Vehicle observed from - Some contraventions have a period where the Civil Enforcement Officer may observe the vehicle before the vehicle is considered to be in contravention and a PCN can be issued. If there was no observation period then this date and time will be the same as the date and time of contravention.
  11. Penalty Charge - The full penalty charge.
  12. Reduced Penalty Charge - This is the reduced penalty charge, which applies if we receive payment within 14 days, starting on the date of issue.

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Updated: 03 October 2022

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