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Make a planning application

It is important to understand the planning application process before you apply.

You can go straight to the Planning Portal to make your application if you are familiar with how it works. 

Check if you need permission

Some types of building works do not require planning permission. This is called permitted development.

Permitted development does not apply to flats, caravans or other buildings. It is restricted for buildings in conservation areas and listed buildings. In these cases planning permission is still required.

The Planning Portal's Do you need permission? guide is a good place to start.

It is also worth checking our Article 4 Direction pages to find out about any restrictions we have placed on development.

Seek advice if required

You can get accurate and objective advice on your proposed development before you apply. 

Find out more about pre-application advice.

Consider using a professional

Anyone can submit a planning application, but using a planning professional to ensure that the submission is valid and the quality is sufficient will minimise any delays. 

There are a number of local architects and planning consultants that can be used. We are not able to make recommendations, but you you can check:

Prepare your submission

The information you need to submit will vary depending on the type of application. 

The Local Validation Checklist (pdf, 437 KB) contains full details of what is required.

Application guidance:

Check you are familiar with the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and have completed the CIL additional information form.

Submit your application

The easiest way to submit your application is to use the Planning Portal website, where you can make your application and payment online. There is a charge of £64 for this service, in addition to the planning application fee.

Any electronic files you submit with your application must meet our requirements.

Applying by post

If you don’t want to use the Planning Portal you can download a form and apply by post. Any hard copy plans submitted should be no larger than A3. 

There can be delays when applying by post so we would advise you to use the Planning Portal if you can.

After you apply

There are different stages of the application process with associated timeframes. 

The targets to determine applications are:

  • 8 weeks for householder and small scale developments
  • 13 weeks for applications for major development
  • 16 weeks if an application is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment

If we do not expect to be able to deal with it within the target timeframe we will explain the reasons to the applicant.

Monitor your application

Once your application has been validated it will be added to the Planning Search where you can view all associated documents, any received comments and your application status.

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Updated: 03 July 2024

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