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Our aim is to reduce the number and severity of road accidents in the borough.

Our approach

We regularly review the latest available collision data across the borough and create a priority list of sites based on the number and type of collisions occurring. This list is then used to obtain funding which can be used to develop and implement measures to reduce collisions at these locations.

Road Safety Plan

View the PDF documents for the Road Safety Plan 2021:

Collision data

Collision data for London is collected by the police then managed and stored by Transport for London (TfL).

There is a great deal of collision data available through the TfL website. However, requests for personal injury collision data in specific locations should be directed to

Traffic calming and road safety measures

Road safety measures on the public highway (such as traffic calming) are introduced to aid in the reduction of personal injury collisions.

Funding for safety measures

We only receive limited funding for road safety improvement schemes and in recent years the funding available to us has been significantly reduced by TfL. While Richmond is amongst the safest boroughs in London it is essential that we prioritise our resources to focus on sites where the need is greatest. 


The locations that would benefit the most from safety measures are identified and as part of the borough-wide collision review process.

Any requests made for additional locations would need to meet the requirements set out in the Traffic Calming Policy before being considered. 

Reporting concerns

In locations that do not meet the criteria, residents can report their concerns to their Local Safer Transport Police who would be responsible for the enforcement of any speeding issues. 

School safety

Road safety issues around schools can be raised by the schools themselves through their School Travel Plan (STP) programme. If you have any issues or concerns you should raise them with your school, so that they can add them to their travel plan.

In addition to the STP programme, we provide a range of educational, training and publicity initiatives on road safety themes.

Updated: 25 July 2023

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