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A Full Plans application applies to domestic or commercial works. Plans, detailed specifications, and if appropriate, structural calculations are given to the Council.

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About Full Plans applications

All given details are checked to make sure that they meet the regulation requirements and, if they do, formal approval is given. If the full plans cannot be approved a Notice of Rejection will be issued detailing the items of non-compliance.

If necessary you will be asked to give more information or to alter the plans. We will let you know of our decision within five weeks (or two months if you request an extension of time to allow more information to be covered). When works on site start you can be sure that, provided you keep to the approved plans, the works will comply with the Building Regulations. Naturally you can submit revised plans if you need to depart from your original proposals.

To make a Full Plans application you can fill in a Full Plans application form and submit it with the full plans for the building work showing exactly what you are going to do. We make sure the plans comply with the Building Regulations. If they do we issue an approval notice.

A Full Plans application is necessary when borrowing money from a Bank or Building Society to pay for the building work. Banks and Building Societies usually ask to see an approval notice before they will give you any money.

A Full Plans application will help builders give you an accurate quote.

A Full Plans application also gives you the peace of mind and security that your plans have been checked to make sure that your building work complies with the regulations.

What's needed for a Full Plans application

Submit two copies of the completed Full Plans application form. These should be signed and returned together with:

  • Two sets of scaled plans, sections and elevations of the proposal (1:50) (1:100).
  • A site location plan (1:1250) and block plan (1:500)
  • Vertical section through building showing constructional details.
  • A detailed specification for the proposed work.
  • The relevant fee payment and estimated cost of work (where required).
  • The provision made for the drainage of the building or extension.

Application forms and fees

Where Part B of Schedule 1 (Fire Safety) imposes a requirement in relation to the proposed work an additional two copies of the Fire Safety Plans must be deposited.

Making a payment

There are now a number of ways to make a payment.

You can ring us on 020 8891 7117 and we can take Credit/Debit card payments over the telephone. If you are hearing impaired please contact minicom number 020 8831 6001.

Alternatively, our Finance Department will issue an invoice for the outstanding amount.


With effect from 1 April 2010 where a charge is paid but work does not proceed, any request for a refund will be considered on the basis of costs incurred by the Council subject to a minimum administration charge of £50.00.

Your attention is drawn to the requirements of the Party Wall Act 1996 which may affect your proposals. You must notify all affected neighbours if work you are intending to carry out falls within the Act. This may include:

  • Work on an existing wall shared with another property.
  • Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property.
  • Excavating near a neighbouring property.

If you have any queries please contact Building Control on 020 8891 7117 or email

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