Using the Richmond Card for parking

Residents can get up to 30 minutes free parking or discounted parking sessions with a Richmond Card.

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How it works

If you live in the borough and hold a Richmond Card, you can get 30 minutes free parking in our:

You can only park for a single session for a period of up to 30 minutes. If you wish to park for longer you must pay for the total duration of your stay, but as a resident you will receive a 10% discount (or 20% discount if you are over the age of 75).

You can take advantage of free 30 minute parking sessions throughout the day, but they must start at least one hour apart. Parking machines will not accept a free booking unless one hour has elapsed since your last free session. You can however, still pay for your parking during this time.

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Using your card

Your Richmond Card can be used for either 30 minutes free parking OR discounted resident parking. The discounts cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

You will need to decide which discount you want to use when you use the parking machine. The table below gives detailed instructions on how to get discounted resident parking.

How to use the parking machine
Parking type How to use Other information
30 minutes free parking
  1. Insert your Richmond Card.
  2. Please wait whilst it connects to server
  3. The display screen will show if free time is available on your card for a stay of up to 30 minutes.
  4. Press the GREEN button for a stay of up to 30 minutes.
  5. Your ticket will be printed.
  6. Clearly display your ticket in your vehicle.
  • Parking is free for stays of up to 30 minutes. If you need to park for longer then you will need to pay for the entire stay.
  • After a free 30 minute parking session your card will be temporarily ‘locked’ and you will be prevented from getting another free 30 minute session for one hour from the start of the first free period.
  • If you go over the 30 minutes, you may be likely to receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).
  • Paid sessions within the locked period are possible and discounts will be applied to any paid session.
Discount for residents for pay as you go parking
  1. Insert your Richmond Card.
  2. Press the BLUE + button to select the length of time you wish to stay.
  3. Take out your Richmond Card.
  4. Make payment using any of the methods below:
    • With coins (please note that the machines do not give change)
    • A debit/credit card
  5. Press the GREEN button.
  6. Your ticket will be printed.
  • If you are under 75 you will receive 10% discount off the 'pay as you go' tariff.
  • If you are over 75 you will receive 20% discount off the 'pay as you go' tariff.
  • This payment will be for the entire parking period.
  • The remaining charge can be paid for using coins, credit/debit card.
Band A vehicle free parking
  1. Insert your Richmond Card and wait a few moments for the machine to read your card.
  2. Machine will show maximum stay
  3. Press the green button.
  4. Remove your Richmond Card.
  5. Collect your pay and display ticket.
  • Band A vehicles (with emissions under 100g/km) entitle the resident to free parking.
  • You can also check online if your vehicle is a Band A using the DVLA vehicle check.
  • If you have previously informed us you have a Band A vehicle the new card will be automatically programmed to give you free parking.
  • Therefore when you place your card in the parking machine, you will receive a parking ticket (sticker) that will have an A marked on it.
  • If a ticket is displayed in a non Band A car, you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).
  • If you have recently changed to/from a Band A car, please notify us by email or telephone 020 8891 1411 us to re-issue you a new card.

Parking discounts with RingGo

If you live in the borough and have a RingGo cashless parking account, you can get 30 minutes free parking in our Pay and Display parking bays. Find out how to get a parking discount with RingGo.

Updated: 12 October 2022

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