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Family Link - give a little time, make a big difference

Family link is a wonderful overnight short break service for disabled children. Achieving for Children’s (AfC) family link carers provide regular overnight care in their own homes, usually one weekend a month, to carefully matched children. This provides opportunities for disabled children to have fun new social experiences within a family home environment. It also enables family link carers to develop some valuable long term positive relationships, as Katie are Colin Carroll who are carers explained.

Partner blog by Katie and Colin Carroll | 26 Apr 22

Local policing update - April 2022

Richmond’s neighbourhood police teams have been working on lots of activity in the last week to respond to crime and the concerns of residents.

Partner blog by Jon Mcloughlin | 05 Apr 22

Local policing update - February 2022

As a team we have continued to undertake meetings and be as visible as we can within the community. We continue to undertake daily patrols in and around the busy Twickenham and Richmond town centres in uniform and plain clothes.

Partner blog by Jon Mcloughlin | 15 Feb 22

STIQ Day 2022

This week, on Friday 14 January, we are supporting National STIQ Day.

Partner blog by John Dugdale | 11 Jan 22

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Updated: 13 May 2022