As we came out of the Covid lockdowns in the Autumn of 2021 our volunteers Rashadee Miller and Claire van Rhyn agreed to take on the leadership of the Vine Road Community Growing Project.

Partner blog by Barnes Common | 30 Dec 22

I found out about the Richmond Climate Change Youth Fund from a Richmond borough newspaper. My mum saw the advert and encouraged me to go for it.

Partner blog by Star | 25 Nov 22

My wife and I decided to become hosts because, I think like many others, we found watching events unfold in Ukraine and Kyiv really moving and it was hard to imagine living through such a situation, so we wanted to help. Secondly, with our own children having left home, we have a house with enough space to accommodate people, therefore we thought ‘why not’?

Partner blog by Ham resident | 22 Nov 22

Did you know that Richmond has the highest level of self-harm hospitalisations among young people in London?

Partner blog by Deborah Kerpner | 07 Oct 22

The Purple Elephant Project is a local charity based in Twickenham, providing therapeutic services to children and young people experiencing mental health distress.

Partner blog by Jenny Haylock | 24 Aug 22

Did you know, three in five of us will be a carer during our lifetime, but sadly, the best part of 70% of carers fall ill from the stress and burden of caring.

Partner blog by Sara Challice | 09 Aug 22

Officers across Richmond have very much enjoyed celebrating the Jubilee with our local communities this month. We have attended street parties, met some wonderful residents, played games and soaked up the amazing party atmosphere. 

Partner blog by Inspector Jon Mcloughlin | 28 Jun 22

Hi, my name is Suniya Qureshi, and my mid-life crisis was to become a foster carer in my 40s!

Partner blog by Suniya Qureshi | 21 Jun 22

Sara Challice is the award-winning author of the book 'Who Cares?', helping carers boost their mental and physical wellbeing. She has also given many talks to carers through local and national charities, and businesses supporting carers in the workplace.

Partner blog by Sara Challice | 07 Jun 22

Family link is a wonderful overnight short break service for disabled children. Achieving for Children’s (AfC) family link carers provide regular overnight care in their own homes, usually one weekend a month, to carefully matched children. This provides opportunities for disabled children to have fun new social experiences within a family home environment. It also enables family link carers to develop some valuable long term positive relationships, as Katie are Colin Carroll who are carers explained.

Partner blog by Katie and Colin Carroll | 26 Apr 22

Richmond’s neighbourhood police teams have been working on lots of activity in the last week to respond to crime and the concerns of residents.

Partner blog by Jon Mcloughlin | 05 Apr 22

As a team we have continued to undertake meetings and be as visible as we can within the community. We continue to undertake daily patrols in and around the busy Twickenham and Richmond town centres in uniform and plain clothes.

Partner blog by Jon Mcloughlin | 15 Feb 22

This week, on Friday 14 January, we are supporting National STIQ Day.

Partner blog by John Dugdale | 11 Jan 22

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