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Using your operational parking permit (guide)

Guidance to help you once you receive your operational parking permit.

Permit start date

Permits start from the date of issue unless a renewal of a current permit, in which case the new permit will run from the day following the expiry of the current permit.

Parking time period

Not all zones operate during the same times. We advise you to check the operation times of the zone/s you wish to park in.

Check zone operation times

How to display

When you receive your new permit you will need to ensure it is displayed correctly. Failure to do so could result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Each new permit will be issued with a protective cover. This should be affixed to the inside of your windscreen on the passenger side. The permit must always be displayed so that the details are clearly visible.

Before using your new permit ensure you have checked where you can park.

Where to park

A permit will not reserve the holder a right to park in a specific parking bay.

An operational parking permit will enable the holder to park in any vacant on-street resident parking permit holder’s space, or if applicable, shared use space within the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) of issue between the hours displayed on signs at the entry points to the zone, and in some cases, on signs adjacent to the parking bays, subject to any parking suspension that may occur. Parking places are not controlled outside of the zones restricted hours.

Operational parking permits are valid:

  • Only in the CPZ of issue (shown on the permit by a letter(s) in the bottom right hand corner, and on-street by the same letter(s) on sign plates)

Operational parking permits are not valid:

  • In off-street car parks, pay and display bays, pay by phone bays or in other zones except where otherwise stated by signs at the locations
  • At the applicant's or permit holder's base

Any vehicles found to be in contravention of these guidelines will result in the permit being withdrawn. If all day parking is required for an address within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), you must contact us.

Check where to park

Your allowance

There is no limit to the number of operational parking permits you can apply for. However, we will assess your requirements and reserve the right to offer an alternative, if that is more suitable. Permits are valid for 12 months.


The Council regularly suspends bays from normal use for various reasons (for example, house moves). Any unauthorised vehicles found parked in a suspended bay may be liable for a PCN. If your visitor's vehicle is to remain in the same bay for a number of days then you should check daily for any suspension notices.

Change of circumstances

You will need to let us know about a change in circumstances if:

  • your organisation has moved to another address;
  • the address where you carry out your duties has changed; or
  • you change your vehicle or vehicle registration.

Lost, stolen or damaged permits

If a permit is lost, stolen or damaged, you must let us know immediately by completing a permit change or return form(pdf, 33KB). The permit will no longer be valid and anyone attempting to use the permit will be liable for a PCN. If requested, a new permit will be issued for the unused period of the original permit.

A charge of £10 will be made for the issue of a replacement permit, except when the permit was stolen and a police crime reference number is provided.


Operational parking permits cannot be renewed. Instead you must complete a new permit application, re-submit your proofs and make payment (if applicable).


Refunds are available for permits, which have at least one full month remaining before the expiry date.

To apply for a refund you must download and complete a permit change or return form (pdf, 138 KB), and return this to us along with your permit/s.

Refunds will be issued either by:

  • BACS payment, direct to your bank account (you must include your bank details on the 'change or return form'); or
  • Cheque which you will receive within 28 days.

Refund amount

Refunds are calculated as the amount originally paid, divided by the duration in months of the permit, and multiplied by the number of full months remaining on the permit. A £10 administration fee is then deducted. This calculation is made even if the permit has not yet started. Visit operational parking permit prices for a full list of refund amounts.

Updated: 09 May 2023

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