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If you live in a conservation area you may need planning permission before you can extend or alter your home in a way that would normally be allowed under permitted development.

This special protection is called an Article 4 Direction.

Declaring an Article 4 Direction

Some minor alterations and additions can be carried out on single family dwelling houses (not flats) without planning permission, if they conform to 'permitted development rights'. In some specific cases, such as a street or group of similarly designed properties with many original architectural features, such seemingly minor changes can greatly disrupt the character and appearance of these buildings.

In such cases the Council may use its powers when the properties are within a conservation area to declare an Article 4 Direction. The Direction removes those rights to development which normally, do not require planning permission, such as:

  • Small extensions and additions
  • New doors and windows
  • Painting and rendering brickwork
  • Removing chimneys
  • Replacing front gardens
  • Replacing boundary walls with hard surfaces

Planning permission

Under an Article 4 Direction you would need to apply for planning permission.

If permission is not granted householders have the right to appeal the decision.

Before you apply

You should contact us before you carry out any work on a building within a conservation area.

List of Article 4 Directions

Any new Article 4 Direction, unless introduced as an emergency measure, will involve full public consultation.

Download our Article (4) Directions information sheet(pdf, 208KB), or the Article (4) Directions register(pdf, 109KB).

The list below includes more information about each Article (4) Direction:

Updated: 17 April 2023

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